5 Tips on Picking Weight Lifting Programs

If you search the internet for weight lifting programs you will literally find hundreds of thousands of different gym workout plans, circuit training routines, and quick weight loss plans out there to choose from. Some are better than others and a little later I'll give you some of my top picks.

The key to remember regardless of whether you choose to build your own free workout plan or if you choose to buy weight lifting programs, is that you commit to the routine. It really doesn't matter if it is the best gym workout plan in the world if you never go to the gym. The best circuit training routines written by top Olympic athletes don't mean anything if you can't do high impact training. A quick weight loss plan that is based on drinking milk is worthless if you are lactose intolerant. So follow these simple rules when selecting a workout program whether you build it yourself of purchase it somewhere.

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  1. Be Selective: Don't just do one quick search for something and pick the first one of the weight lifting programs you come across. Look around for awhile, read some reviews, and get as many details as possible. Don't be fooled by the 10 free gifts someone is offering with their e-book. These are worthless products add little to no value to the actual program. You are looking for a well rounded program that includes weight lifting, cardio, and proper nutrition. The programs that actually work are those you can stick with for long enough to actually see results. Weight lifting programs that require you to work out 7 days a week, twice a day may not be practical for you and if you can't sustain the program as a lifestyle change then any results you see will just be temporary.
  2. Pay for Value: Don't let price scare you away from something that could change your life. Sure you can build your own free workout plan based on my advice but if you have a bad back and two replaced knees you probably won't be able to do my weight lifting programs. It is better to pay for a top notch quality program, hire a personal trainer, join the best gym in town, etc... than to try and be cheap and not get any results. For example let's say you head on down to your local store and they have bananas for $1.99 a pound but their bananas are almost completely brown. You start driving home disappointed but come across a road side vendor who has bananas for $2.99 but they are green and just starting to turn yellow. Obviously the fresh ripe bananas are a much better deal than the rotting ones that are cheaper. So if you start shopping for weight lifting programs or a gym workout plan and are debating between p90X for $140 (*warning: p90X is for those who are in pretty decent shape and capable of working out 6 days a week at a high intensity level) versus Billy Bob's Backyard Bodybuilding for $39.95 stop to think about the value of the weight lifting routine before you save a few bucks.
  3. Be Real: Don't think you can change everything about yourself overnight. Some people flip a switch and change their lives forever sure, but majority are not capable of major change all at once. If you currently eat nothing but fast food, never go to the gym, work or go to school 12 hours a day and think you are going to fix all that "starting Monday" you are sadly mistaken. There are no magical weight lifting programs that can change your lifestyle for you. Lots of change comes from lots of effort over lots of time. Start small and pick weight lifting programs that you can actually do and integrate into your existing lifestyle with minimal impact. Don't start some crazy quick weight loss plan that requires you to eat nothing but cottage cheese and carrots for a month to try and get ready for the beach this summer. Take an honest look at where you are now and understand what is important to you. Make or purchase a plan to get there over a period of time that is reasonable and safe. So if you are trying to look good for the beach this summer and it is not realistic then get started now for next summer. Nobody is going to notice you are 10 pounds lighter anyways but they might notice you look sick.
  4. Stick to the Program: Don't get all macho and think you are smarter than the guy who wrote the weight lifting programs. Why spend money (or worse yet, time) on weight lifting programs and then go changing them around? If the weight lifting routine says to do squats then do squats, don't go "Oh, I don't like squats so I'm just going to do leg presses instead". I see this all the time and it drives me crazy. Somebody doesn't like an exercise or feels like they have "a better idea" so they start changing stuff. When somebody puts a program out there it is typically done with a very specific reason and with a target goal in mind. If the program doesn't suit you then search for a different one but don't just start changing things. Enough said about that.
  5. Give it enough time to work: Quitting a weight lifting routine early is probably the number one cause of failure. Most of the time a gym workout plan will span about 12 weeks and have you doing different things every 3 weeks to keep your body guessing and making progress. The last survey results I saw had most people quitting their weight lifting routines after about 2 weeks. People start working out, get sore, take an unscheduled day off (for extra rest), then the weekend rolls around and it's back to the catch phrase of "starting Monday". Give it time. Put the entire 12 weeks into the program and see what happens. If you do the program for 12 weeks and are 80% compliant you will probably see some pretty good results. Do it again and shoot for 90% compliance. Then do it again and be 100% compliant. Now you can say it is a good program or a bad program and try something different. Doing weight lifting routines for a week and then saying it is a terrible program is just silly.
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