What You Need to Know About Testosterone Injections

Besides its importance, testosterone injections also involve other concepts that need to be understood especially when you are suffering from testosterone deficiency. This article enumerates some of the facts, advantages, as well as the disadvantages of injecting the hormone and these are written below.

Hormones are essential substances that maintain the body's proper functions. These substances are produced by glands and several organs in normal amounts. However, there are many factors that prevent or alter the production of these hormones. The changes in the amount of hormones produced have drastic effects on one's body. The body then cease to function well whenever hormone levels go up and down. The testosterone level for example needs to be corrected by using testosterone injections whenever it goes down for this condition could possibly lead to cardiovascular diseases and even osteoporosis.

Testosterone injections therefore are important since it insures that the body gets the adequate amount of testosterone. Injecting this substance however needs proper procedures. As a matter of fact, an individual who needs to have a shot of this hormone should be subjected to series of test first before the injection is done. The test is conducted to determine the amount of testosterone that is still on the body. By doing these, testosterone injections are injected in appropriate amount since the increase of this hormone's volume inside the body could also be undesirable.

Types of testosterone injections

There are basically two types of testosterone injections that are used as treatments for individuals with low testosterone levels. There is a separate type of injection for males and a different injection for females.

Testosterone injections for males are injected to treat the deficiency of this hormone in their bodies. The injection usually involves a dosage of 20-30 milligrams once every 2 to 3 weeks. This amount however varies depending to the male's age since the production of testosterone reaches its peak during the puberty stage and gradually decreases as the male reaches the age of 50.

Testosterone injections used for females on the other hand is quite different compared to those used in males. This is because testosterone is dominantly a male hormone and the female body produces lesser amount of this. The common method of injecting this hormone on females is by intramuscular injection.

Advantage of injection compared to gel

Testosterone injections had long been competing with the gel and cream versions. However, the injection is much cheaper compared to these. The injection is also administered less often compared to the cream. In addition to this, injections are safer compared to creams that cause allergies to children that directly or indirectly comes in contact with these substances.

Benefits of using testosterone injections

The main benefit of using these injections is maintaining the body's appropriate testosterone level that is responsible of promoting the development of the reproductive organs and secondary sexual features of males. This hormone is also responsible for controlling the bone mass and sexual appetite of females.

Males that are subjected to regular injections are also more self-confident compared to those who are experiencing hormone deficiency. Although most of these men are at their fifties, the development of their muscles is proportional. In addition to this, they are more logical compared to those who are not undergoing injections. On the part of the females, the injections keep their testosterone at normal levels making them more cheerful, less irritable and most of all sexually active.

Possible side effects of testosterone injections

Just like the other types of hormonal therapies, injecting testosterone into a human being comes with risks. The most significant side effect for this type of treatment is the disruption of the body's natural metabolism. This risk is possible since the supply of the hormone comes outside the body and is not produced within it. Besides these, there are other side effects that were attributed to this hormonal therapy and these are the following:


The most common side effect of injecting testosterone to a patient is allergic reaction. This is usually characterized by many rashes on the skin, itching, vomiting, and nausea. There are also cases of swelling, skin irritation, and bleeding on the area where the injection was made.

Interactions with other medicines

Injecting testosterone also alters the effects of some medical substances most especially when these are taken after the hormone is injected. Examples of these medicines are those that are used to treat diabetes, medicines that enhance blood clotting, and other steroids. The effects of the injection are usually characterized by the reduction of the effects of the given medicines.

Enlargement of the prostate

Many cases of prostate enlargements were blamed on testosterone injections. In this particular side effect, the size of the scrotum enlarges and most patients would complain that they are experiencing intense pain.

Peliosis hepatitis

Peliosis hepatitis is one of the scariest side effects of this injection method. This disease can be fatal and could possibly contaminate other individuals. This disease produces cysts filled with blood that grows inside the organs. The most common organs where cysts grow are the spleen and liver. Since these organs are very important in the human body, this disease could lead to deaths in case the cysts were able to grow fully inside them.

Fluctuation of cholesterol level

Introduction of hormones such as testosterone inside the body allows the cholesterol level to soar up. In case the cholesterol level increases, blood vessels would eventually narrow and the volume of blood that flows in it would be limited. This side effect could also cause atherosclerosis and other diseases caused by the increase of cholesterol inside the body.

Changes in the cognitive aspect

Undergoing regular injection of testosterone also affects the cognitive aspect of a human being. Most patients receiving the injection usually suffer from the changes of energy in their body. As soon as the hormone is injected the receiver experiences sudden mood swing, confusion, and even memory loss.

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