4 Strength Training Tips to Give You More Power Now

Learning some key strength training tips is one of the best time investments you can make as far as your overall progress is concerned. Strength training is an exercise that has a great number of benefits as it‘s going to help to strengthen the muscles, firm the body, increase your metabolic rate, increase bone strength, and help you feel that much more confident overall in your appearance.

Simply put, strength training is not a workout that you want to overlook.

That said, you do need to know some important strength training tips as you move along with your program in order to see maximum benefits. Those that go into the gym and perform the same old workouts over and over again are going to be quick to plateau, so by learning some of the main strength training tips that you need to know, you can be sure that you‘re putting your best foot forward.

Let‘s go over the top strength training tips to remember.

Focus On The Muscular Contraction

The very first thing that you should be doing as you go about your strength training program is focusing in on the muscular contraction that is taking place. Simply put, the more you think about each muscle as it contracts and relaxes, the more likely you are to give maximum effort to the lift that you‘re doing.

Many people completely overlook this and just go about their strength training exercises without much thought. They do focus on maintaining good form but they aren‘t really fully concentrating on the exact movement taking place.

Thus, they‘re partially distracted in their focus level and this is what leads them to less than optimal results. They won‘t be lifting as much weight and they won‘t be recruiting just the muscle fibers they want to be.

When you approach your exercises with this absent mindlessness, you‘re more likely to recruit additional muscles you aren‘t actually targeting to hoist the weight. If you instead focus on just the muscular contractions occurring that you want to be, you‘ll be doing a better job at ensuring the rest of the muscles in the body do relax.

Try Compound Exercises

Next, another of the quick strength training tips to remember is to try compound exercises throughout your program plan. This refers to performing two exercises back to back, combining the movement.

Unlike the superset however, where you perform all reps of one exercise and then immediately perform all reps of the next exercise, with this one you‘re going to be performing one rep of one movement and then doing one rep of the next movement.

So for example, you might perform a rep of the deadlift movement and upon lowering yourself, go straight into a rep of a row.

Then you‘ll repeat that sequence over and over again until all reps are complete.

This is a totally new way to challenge the muscles and since the two exercises are combined, will really shock the muscles and get them sitting up and responding.

Zero In On Your Breathing

Moving on, the next quick tip to always keep in mind as you go about your strength training workouts is to zero in and focus on your breathing. Many people completely overlook the breathing patterns they‘re using throughout their sessions and this can really come to influence their results.

The problem with not breathing correctly as you go about your strength training workouts is the fact that you won‘t be delivering as much oxygen to the muscle tissues as you should, which will then lead to a higher rate of fatigue build-up, which then means you cut the workout short.

If you have to stop part-way through your workout because you‘re so exhausted, it‘s easy to see that you won‘t be getting as good of results as you should be.

Regular deep breathing is the best way around this. When you make sure to not only use full breaths in and out at all times, but also make sure that you keep your breathing regulated with the movement sequence the entire time, you shouldn‘t notice these issues occurring.

Instead, you should feel much more energized throughout the session and like you can generate maximum power at any second.

Triset For Faster Results

The next of the strength training tips to consider is to use trisets for faster results. One great way of doing this is performing a major compound lift, then stacking it with two isolation exercises for the muscles that were just targeted.

So for example, if you‘re doing the bench press, you‘re working the chest, shoulders, as well as triceps.

What you would do in this instance is perform one set of bench press, then move directly into a set of chest fly‘s to isolate the chest muscle itself. Once that was finished, then you would move into a set of overhead tricep extensions so you‘re just working the tricep muscles to finish off the triset.

This is another good way to generate more overall muscular fatigue throughout your workout session, which can then mean faster results for you. The more fatigue you are able to generate and then learn to tolerate as you go about your workouts, the faster you‘ll be able to increase the weight when doing your straight sets.

You wouldn‘t want to turn every exercise in your program into a triset, but doing one or two of these protocols can definitely be beneficial.

So there you have some key strength training tips to always keep in mind. If you use these as you go about your program, you can feel confident you won‘t be hitting a plateau any time soon.

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