6 Possible Outcomes of Low Testosterone Symptoms

Low testosterone symptoms in most adults requires immediate medical attention. Testosterone is considered as a steroid hormone that is important in the proper functioning of the human body. This hormone is found in both the male and female. Its primary function in males is to maintain and develop the sex organs such as the penis. In addition to this, testosterone is also responsible for the promotion of the secondary sexual characteristics of both the male and female. For males, the secondary sexual characteristics are characterized by deepening of voice and growth of hairs such as the pubic hair as well as those found on the male's armpits. Given the hormone's function, low testosterone symptoms could mean that something is wrong with the testosterone producing glands.

Although the production of testosterone in the body gradually falls as the individual grows old, Low-T in most adults requires immediate medical attention. This condition should be taken care of in order to prevent the body from breaking down or from getting sick. The most common medication for the possible disease that triggered the symptoms to occur is by taking supplements to increase the testosterone level inside the body. Failure to deal with low testosterone symptoms on the other hand might lead to the following conditions.


Low level of testosterone in a human body as indicated by low testosterone symptoms could possibly lead to infertility among men and women. In fertility is commonly used to refer to an individual's failure to reproduce its own offspring or contribute in the process of conception. This might cause marital problems and low self esteem on the part of an infertile individual.

Infertility most of the time causes complications and related problems between couples. This complication might result to broken marriage, infidelity, and even adultery most especially when a wife or husband wants to have children. Although adoption can be a good option for this situation, it is not always enough to keep the marriage intact.

In addition to his, infertility and even low testosterone symptoms could also cause low self-esteem on the part of the individual that is experiencing it. Most individuals who are diagnosed with low testosterone levels are usually irritable, hot-tempered, and weak. Their physiological condition makes them think that they are useless which results to self-pity and total frustration.

Reduction of desire for sex and other related sexual function

Low testosterone symptoms can also lead to decreasing sexual appetite and reduction of sexual functions. This is because the testosterone triggers the body to crave for sex which is a natural feeling. Low level of testosterone therefore reduces an individual's appetite for sex. This usually leads to psychological stress and tensions between couple.

Low testosterone levels resulting to lack of sex appetite causes emotional stress since a person diagnosed with such condition eventually stressed out. In this situation, self pity once again sets in and failure to deal with this stress could possibly lead to serious psychological ailments that might affect an individual's lifestyle. In addition to this, stress could also lead to serious illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases characterized by fatal heart attacks and strokes.

Low level of testosterone which leads to inactive sex life could also result to conflicts within couple. When a husband or wife for example lacks sexual appetite his or her partner might misinterpret this for different things such as falling out of love, infidelity, and dishonesty to their marriage.

Erectile Dysfunction

Low testosterone levels can also cause Erectile Dysfunction (ED). This physiological condition is characterized by the male's failure to have an erection that is very important when having sex. The failure to have an erection greatly affects the sexual arousal that makes the feeling of having sex more enjoyable.

In addition to this, low testosterone symptoms that could possibly lead to Erectile Dysfunction also affect the chances of pro-creation. Since the penis would not function well the ability to transmit sperm cells into the woman's sexual organ is quite impossible, the chances of pregnancy is low.

Hair loss

The deficiency of testosterone inside the body could also result to hair loss. This is because testosterone promotes the development of hair patterns. The decrease on the amount of the hormone produced by the body as indicated by low testosterone symptoms affect the regeneration of hair follicles as well as its growth. As the level of testosterone reduces, the ability of the body to grow and maintain the hairs also decreases.

In order to prevent this from happening, an individual with low testosterone symptoms should seek medical attention so that he or she would be given the appropriate medicines that could prevent unwanted hair loss.

Individuals who are diagnosed with this condition should also take testosterone supplements especially the natural ones. By increasing the testosterone levels inside the body, the harsh effects of the falling hormone volume could possibly be fixed. However, individuals should carefully choose the supplements that they are going to take since most of these substances have side effects. For better results, it is advisable to obtain a prescription from a licensed physician.

Continuous decrease in muscle mass

The subsequent decrease of the muscle mass in a human body could also be a result of lower testosterone levels. This is because the hormone aids in the formation of muscles inside the body. As a matter of fact most athletes and bodybuilders are taking supplements to increase the testosterone concentration in their bodies that allow then to work out in longer periods and develop larger muscle mass.


Testosterone helps strengthen the bones inside the body. In case the level of this hormone drops, the risk of osteoporosis increases. This disease increases possibility of bone fractures. Lack of calcium and testosterone in the body makes the bones more porous and prone to breaks. This disease also destroys the proper structure of bone masses which results to poor posture. In order to prevent this from happening, an individual must take the appropriate amount of calcium and maintain the normal level of testosterone.

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