Increase Testosterone Level in These 8 Ways

To increase testosterone level means different things to different individuals. This is because testosterone affects the functioning of the body. Low testosterone levels have negative effects that were proven by research. This includes hair loss, risks of having a cardiovascular disease, and risks of osteoporosis. High testosterone levels on the other hand also possess risks as well as benefits. High testosterone level allows an individual to perform well in most of his or her daily routine. However, this could also result to over-exercise such as those committed by body builders who wish to further improve their muscles.

For individuals who are experiencing the harsh effects of low testosterone production in their bodies, their primary goal is to increase testosterone level that their glands are producing. In case you are one of these, here are some of the natural ways to increase testosterone level:


Natural Ways to Increase Testosterone Levels

Eat a well-balanced diet

Eating a well balanced diet helps increase testosterone level of the body. This is made possible by balancing the intake of fats most especially the so called monounsaturated fats and proteins. Experts found out that fats such as the monounsaturated fats help the body to produce the needed amount of testosterone. This simply means that eliminating the sources of fats on one's diet will cause the body to stop or reduce the production of testosterone that might lead to sickness and less efficient on daily routines.

Get some sleep

Maintaining at least seven hours of sleep every night helps increase testosterone level. This is because sleep allows the body to recover the strength that was exerted while you are working or doing things that requires energy. Sleep also allows the reproductive organs and even the adrenal glands to produce larger amounts of cholesterol. Regular seven hours sleep at night would eventually normalize the testosterone levels in your body.

Given these explanation, you should make sure to get at least seven hours sleep at night. Try to do your duties and finish them as early as possible so that you will have more time to sleep. Since seven hours is just the minimum it is still advisable to sleep more than these.

Exercise Often

Proper exercise also contributes to increase testosterone level. This helps you lose weight and improve the muscle production of your body. It is also advisable to perform three types of exercise to increase testosterone level in your body. However, you should also avoid being over-exercised for this would force your body to reduce the amount of testosterone it produces.

Regular exercise is also important in helping you lose weight that affects the production of hormones inside your body. Exercise well so as to prevent weight gains of up to 30% of your normal weight for this forces the body and the glands to stop producing hormones such as testosterone.

Avoid drinking alcoholic drinks

Too much intake of alcohol also affects the production of testosterone. In order to increase testosterone level, drink the appropriate amount of alcoholic beverages whenever possible. You can focus your attention to other things in case you are tempted in drinking more than what is prescribed by experts.

The useful ways to increase testosterone given above are just the natural procedures. There are other ways on how to maintain the increase testosterone that uses tools made inside the laboratory and are commercially distributed. These tools were proven to be effective but also possess minor side effects. This includes the following:


Other Ways to Increase Testosterone Levels

Use of testosterone supplements

Testosterone supplements were created to increase testosterone level of older men, athletes, and body builders. These supplements are taken in prescribed dosage so as to increase the testosterone levels in the body. Regular intakes results to minimal hair loss, active sex drive, and healthy development of muscles. The supplement also allows its user to minimize the risk of falling as victim to most cardiovascular diseases that could trigger heart attacks and strokes. Testosterone supplements also help in reducing the risk of osteoporosis, a disease that causes bones to fracture easily. Testosterone prevents osteoporosis by maintaining the strength of the bones as well as by keeping the bone mass normal.

Use of testosterone patch

Using testosterone patches is also an effective method to increase testosterone. The patch is used in specific parts of the body such as the neck, back, and the limbs. These patches contain testosterone that is eventually absorbed by the body upon using it. The hormone passes through the skin and is then circulated through the blood stream. It is carried to various parts of the body where it is needed.

In order to ensure the desired effects of these patches, you should use these in a proper way. Maintain a schedule of using the patch. Be consistent with the schedule of doses for failure to do so could possibly reduce the effects of the patches in increasing the testosterone levels inside the body.

Use of testosterone boosters

Testosterone boosters are also helpful increasing the production of testosterone inside the body especially by the adrenal gland and other organs. These boosters usually have functions and effects that are quite similar to those that are provided by testosterone supplements. However, these boosters are not restricted for public use compared to supplements. This because their side effects are less fatal or harmful compared to the testosterone supplements sold in the market and drugstores.

Use of testosterone injections

Finally, testosterone injections are also helpful in increasing the testosterone levels inside the body. These injections are injected in prescribed amounts or dosage. These are most of the time injected by physicians who specialize in this particular field of medicine. This is because the effect could be very harmful if the injection process is not conducted well.

Testosterone injections are most of the time preferred by users compared to other methods to increase testosterone level because these are cheaper compared to patches and supplements. The injection is also injected upon prescription compared to boosters and supplements that are frequently used.

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