Getting a Healthy Weight Does Not Require Much Effort

Obese versus healthy image

Most people don't know what a healthy weight is? Must be true I saw it on the news. The story was something about how majority of overweight mothers don't know their children are obese. This boggled my mind because if I were to see a fat kid I would instantly say "hmm, that kid is fat. Maybe I can get him to race me and help him shed some calories". So I dug a little deeper and read all the research results and stats on child obesity and how many people exceed the ideal weight.

Without burying you in numbers and statistics let's just say it boils down to this. Two-thirds of America is overweight or obese. Those overweight and obese people have overweight and obese children. No surprise there, but here is the interesting part. Overweight people don't realize they are overweight! You would think if you look in the mirror and don't see abs you would know you are fat and perhaps obese. The reality is that so many people are overweight that being heavy is considered normal. A survey of the overweight population showed that 90% of overweight people underestimated their weight compared to 15% of normal weight people.

So overweight people don't know they are overweight, obese children believe being big is normal, and based on my web traffic and keyword research majority of America is looking for quick fixes to lose weight instead of making long term lifestyle changes.

All the research says people are fat and want to lose weight. Unfortunately, the majority believe that losing weight should be quick and easy and something you just do for a couple of weeks and then go back to eating junk food and sitting on the couch. So as a good business man I should be writing all kinds of articles about how to lose 10 pounds in a week, building muscle without lifting weights, losing weight while you sleep, and so on. If only that were true, then all these "fitness experts" telling you about the one simple thing you can do to lose weight would be heroes instead of con-men.

Bottom line is, I am not going to do it. Sure you can lose 10 pounds in a week, but that is mostly water weight and as soon as you quit doing whatever crazy solution you created you will just gain the weight back. Getting to and maintaining a healthy weight has to be something that is extremely important to you. When having a healthy weight is more important than ordering a pizza for taste then you won't need to read every fad diet that comes out as you will already be living correctly.

Here is how I picture most overweight people that have trouble maintaining a healthy weight.

  • Morning: Wake up 30 minutes before they have to be at work. Rush to get ready and either skip breakfast or grab fast food or doughnuts on the way to work.
  • Lunch Time: Work straight through lunch, or run out and grab some fast food to eat at their desk.
  • Dinner: Order a pizza, grab fast food, or in rare cases cook something tasty at home. Head to the couch for some reality television.

Compare that with a healthy person's schedule. (*note: This person is just as busy, just as important, and operating with the same number of hours in a day)

  • Morning: Wake up an hour and a half before they have to be at work. Go for a jog, walk their dog, grab a cup of coffee and watch the news, or read the paper. Afterwards they cook themselves some eggs or oatmeal then get ready for work.
  • Lunch Time: Goes for a walk or heads to the gym to lift some weights. Afterwards they have a protein shake or their lunch the packed.
  • Dinner: Prepares (or spouse prepares) a healthy dinner consisting of lean meats and green veggies. Maybe go for a walk, help children with homework, or go outside to play.

Now obviously this is lacking a lot of detail and not a complete workout program but it does illustrate some of the big differences between those that maintain a healthy weight and those that struggle with obesity. The main point is that being at a healthy weight is lifestyle changes not some quick fix or a diet that you try. In order to be lean and muscular you have to lift weights, do cardio, play a sport, or just live an active lifestyle. There is really no magic to it and you don't need special foods or the latest workout contraption.

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