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A Workout Routine

Lately I've been looking to change up my gym workout plan from a pure strength training routine to more of a program designed to add some mass and build muscle fast. Although I do design quite a bit of weight lifting programs myself I also like to try out other programs and see how they work. So I decided to go searching to see if I could find a nice program that took into consideration proper rest time, variation, progressive loading, etc… and I was pleasantly surprised when I came across a really well designed gym workout plan that incorporated a strength training routine and plenty of muscle building exercise.

The gym workout plan I found was on AWorkoutRoutine.com which is a site loaded with high quality information about how to build muscle fast. I have no clue who owns the site as his domain name information is protected and the about page is non-informative but it is clear that this guy knows his stuff. I spent about a week reading the entire site and every other site that he links out to and am really impressed. I've been using his program for a couple of weeks now (with a few tweaks) and really like how well rounded it is and the progress I have been making.

The program is nothing revolutionary and is a basic 4 day workout with an upper body / lower body split but it took great care to include various rep ranges, and a good variety of compound movements with just a handful of isolation exercises. I did make a few changes to the gym workout plan to accommodate some of the exercises I consider more important and to work around using too many machines.

Here is a list of the changes I made.

Upper Body A: No Change

Lower Body A:

  • Replaced Romanian Deadlifts with Standard Deadlifts. Romanian Deadlifts are basically stiff leg deadlifts which hit your lower back hard. I don't like to recommend them because they can easily cause injury and the weight you can use is much less than if you went with the traditional deadlift. Being someone who favors a strength training routine to a bodybuilding routine this was a must change for me.
  • Standing Calf Raises: I changed this to calf raises in the leg press. The author has it in his notes that it is fine to make this change so not really a disagreement here. I made the change because it seemed kind of silly to load up a heavy bar just for calf raises when you just finished with the leg press anyways. Much smoother transition and you have the safeties of the press just in case.
  • Abs: He left this open so I plugged in hanging leg raises which is an outstanding core exercise and helps to improve your grip strength

Upper Body B: No Change but those dumbbell flyes right after dumbbell bench presses are a pain. Might have to change those to cable flyes or Pec Deck machine.

Lower Body B:

  • Changed split squats to Lunges. To me split squats are really not that practical and lead to an unnatural movement. Lunges have lots of sport application and work your hip flexors and hamstrings better. I also went with dumbbells on these as immediately following squats you are not going to get much weight on them anyways.
  • Changed 4 sets of seated calf raises to 3 sets. Not sure where he was coming from here, might have been a typo. No other exercise has more than 3 sets and if I was going to add more sets it would be to big lifts not to a tiny muscle like the calf.
  • Again we just have abs so I inserted weighted crunches. Just a preference really.

So as you can see I pretty much left his gym workout plan alone but did change a few things that I felt were important. If you disagree feel free to change them back. It is also helpful to look at his explanations on the bottom of the workout page if you have questions.

A Workout Routine A Workout Routine

For your convenience I put the whole program into Excel and converted it to PDF as a 12 week program with a page for tracking all the important measurements as well. If I could get a hold of this guy I would have just posted on his site but since I can't, here it is.

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