How To Gain Muscle Mass Fast

In order to gain muscle mass all you really need to do is follow a few simple pieces of advice. There really isn't a whole lot of science behind it and if you don't care about putting on some extra fat it can be as simple and eat and lift big. That being said, I bet most of us want to gain muscle mass by following a gym workout plan and following a proper muscle building diet so that we don't end up bloated and soft looking in the process.

If you are a regular reader of this site you probably can already guess where I'm going with this. No big secret here, just hard work and effort. Stick to the compound lifts, eat a lot of lean protein, and get plenty of rest. Do this for a long period of time and you will gain muscle mass. To build muscle fast means to lose muscle fast when you stop doing whatever crazy fad program you are on.

Okay so here is the breakdown

Lift Big Heavy Weights to Gain Muscle Mass

No secret there right? You can follow a basic strength building program, a powerlifter routine, or just keep slapping weight on the bar of your current routine. The key is to go heavy and stick to the 3-6 rep range. So if you are currently on one of those body bodybuilding style programs that has you doing 8 different chest exercises with 10-12 reps per set it's time to make an adjustment. Drop the isolation exercises and stick to the big compound lifts and weight that is above 75% of your max. I don't see any need to rehash the programs I've provided here so if you need a program use the search at the bottom of the page.

The Muscle Building Diet

Again, I'm sure this is something you have all heard before but sometime it takes hearing it a 100th time to really sink in. Stick to fruits, vegetables, lean meats (chicken, fish, turkey, lean beef, etc…). Make sure you get something from each food group at each meal and shoot for 1 gram of protein per pound of lean body weight every day. There is no need to count calories as long as you are eating clean. If you are eating fast food and frozen meals then use the calorie calculators and keep it under control. You won't grow as fast eating garbage but it can be done.

To Gain Muscle Mass Fast

If you are skinny or have less than a year of weight lifting experience you need to forget about putting on a few extra pounds at first. The number one priority is to pack on some dense muscle. The fitness program of the month probably will disagree but time has said drinking a gallon of milk a day or slamming 2-3 whey protein shakes a day is critical. Basically it goes back to the getting 1 gram or protein per pound of bodyweight suggestion and properly feeding your muscles to grow.

When you work out hard and heavy your body needs lots of protein calories to repair the muscles. Giving your body lots of liquid calories and calcium always seems to do the trick.

Getting Plenty of Rest

I know you have heard this quite a bit too. To gain muscle mass you need your rest. The rule of thumb is 8 hours of sleep a night but some people need more. I know personally I am completely drained after lifting heavy and need a nap to recharge. Unfortunately I work and do my lifting during my lunch break so I can't always get the naps I need. To gain muscle mass I always try to get a 30-60 minute nap in after work but that can be a challenge too. If all else fails hit the bed early and get the extra hours you need.


Like I said in the beginning. Stick to the compound lifts, eat a lot of lean protein, and get plenty of rest. If you are consistent and give it a few months you can pack on some serious muscle. Be sure to keep track of everything you are eating and lifting. Add weight whenever you can and keep growing.

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