Effective Strength Training Programs Include These 4 Keys

For an effective strength training program you must take your time to think through all the details. Far too many people hop onto the first workout program they find, without putting much thought into the exact structure and design of that workout program in general.

Unless you‘re taking the time to ensure certain elements are included into the program, the chances that you see success are going to be quite slim.

If a strength training workout is missing a few key components, you may end up spinning your wheels and going nowhere on it.

That said, let‘s take a look at what these main requirements are for an effective strength training session so that you can double check over the one you‘re using.

Rest Days Are Included

Before we dive in and talk about what you should be doing in your workout session, it‘s time to cover what you shouldn‘t. This includes too much exercise overall.

Rest days are a critical element of any good strength training program, yet one of the elements that is far too often overlooked.

You‘re excited to get going and figure, if you can hit the gym six or seven days per week - perfect. You‘re off to the races.

Not quite. Remember, if you aren‘t giving your body the time to recover effectively from that workout session, how are you going to build your muscles up stronger?

The workout is when you make yourself weaker, which is clearly demonstrated by the fact that when you leave the gym, your muscles are exhausted and could never lift the same amount of weight that you did at the start of the session.

You‘re in a broken down state and unable to progress further. So if you head back into the gym before you‘ve recovered, what kind of state do you think you‘ll be in?

Rest days are essential. Most people will do best ensuring they have at least two complete days of rest from their workouts, if not three.

Progressive Overload

The next requirement for an effective strength training session is some form of progressive overload. This essentially refers to the fact that over time, you‘re going to be placing a greater and greater stress load on the muscle tissues.

If you overlook this and fail to provide this overload, you‘re pretty much just going to maintain the status quo.

Achieving a good progressive overload doesn‘t even require all that much planning on your part either. It could be as simple as switching two exercises around in your program so you do something different your muscles aren‘t used to.

Then there are the other ways that you can provide progressive overload such as adding more reps, more sets, or less rest. Adding more weight is the primary progressive overload technique, but in times when you can‘t do this, all of the previous options will work perfectly.

Full Body Movements

In order to create a truly effective strength training workout program, you want to make sure that you‘re focusing on full body movements as much as possible.

These are going to be exercises that have you working as many muscle groups in a single instant as you can at once, which is going to ensure that you‘re getting both strength gains and good metabolic conditioning.

Full body movements are exercises that span across two different joints so some will also refer to them as multi-joint exercises or compound exercises.

These strength training exercises are to be included near the start of the workout program because they are so intense and will require as much energy as possible to complete them.

An effective strength training workout can include some isolation exercises as well, however these should never be the primary focus and should come later on in the workout session instead.

You should be aiming to include 2-5 different full body movements in your workout program depending on the overall set-up (full body versus split body) that you‘re doing, along with 2-4 isolation exercises at the end.

This will help to keep the volume under better control as well and ensure that you don‘t begin to overtrain throughout the process.

A Proper Plan

Finally, the last thing that needs to be included for an effective strength training workout is a very defined out plan.

Ask yourself this, do you know exactly what you‘re doing each and every time you step in the gym?

Or, do you go to the gym and decide once you get there which exercise you‘re going to be performing?

If that‘s the case, chances are you aren‘t going to be seeing maximum results any time soon.

A proper workout plan is like your road map to success. It ensures that you‘re never wasting any time in the gym and that you‘re making the most of each session that comes your way.

Part of creating an effective strength training workout is ensuring that your rest breaks are appropriate and if you don‘t have any clue what exercise you‘re doing next, chances are good that you‘ll be taking longer rest breaks than you need to while you stop and figure it out.

Always have a mission when you enter the gym. Know precisely what you will be doing every second you‘re in the gym if you want to see optimal success.

So there you have the main points that you need to remember in order to create an effective strength training workout. Remember to take the time to learn the key basic strength training foundational concepts that guide building muscle so that you can get every element in place before you begin.

Strength training is a highly beneficial type of workout program, but, only if you are doing things correctly and have a game plan in place.

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