The Best Weight Loss Plan for You

Well I'm sure I have beat this horse to death but the best weight loss plan is really the one you will actually follow. Losing weight is really not rocket science. All you have to do is eat less than you burn and the weight will come off. That basically leaves you with two options.

  • Reduce the amount of food you eat: The best weight loss plan doesn't have restricted foods or consist of just eating vegetables all the time. Use common sense and cut back. If you are going to poison yourself by eating fast food, that fine it's your right to do so but take it easy. Be aware that a typical "value" meal at any fast food joint is packing about 1200 calories. For most people that is about 75% of the calories needed in an entire day and doesn't have anywhere near the proper nutrients or ability to keep you full all day.
  • Exercise more: You can't exercise yourself out of a terrible nutrition program but adding some more exercise to your day would qualify as part of the best weight loss plan. Ideally you should be getting about an hour a day of exercise. It doesn't matter if it is walking, running, weight lifting, swimming, or whatever it is you enjoy as long as you do it on a regular basis and it is enough to push you into a calorie deficit.

Here are some other articles that give more detail on how to get where you want to go and get on the best weight loss plan

The Best Weight Loss Plan Includes Fat Burning Foods

Healthy Food Pyramid

There are actually a lot of fat burning foods that are usually found inside the household and are included on the daily food servings. These foods are fat burners which help you stabilize the concentration of fats inside your body. It is important to include a food that can burn fat in the best weight loss plan because there are fats that are harmful to the body and they are known as bad fats. Bad fats can cause serious diseases such as high blood pressure, other cardiovascular diseases and even certain cancers. Bad fats can also cause strokes and heart attacks that might lead to death. Although there are many ways to burn fat, the simplest of these is by eating foods that burn fat. Read More...

Fat Loss Programs are not the same as Weight Loss Programs

Fit People on Beach

Fat loss programs and weight loss programs are two different things. When you say weight loss programs, this simply refers to the practices, activities, and exercises that reduce the weight of the body. Fat loss programs on the other hand refers to the activities, practices, and exercises intended to obtain fat loss especially losing fat concentrations that could cause diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases. Read More...

Visceral Fat is Dangerous to Your Health

Visceral Fat

Visceral fat is dangerous to the human body as it is the kind of fat that resides around your internal organs. These fats are most of the time found on the stomach region. This is the primary reason why you have a big belly. Big bellies are actually unpleasant to the eyes most especially when they are bulging and the size continues to increase. Besides the unpleasant appearance, the growth of your belly due to the increase on the volume of visceral tissue inside your body is directly linked to the occurrence of diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and some cancer. This type of fat could also trigger heart attacks and strokes that can cause fatal outcomes and even death when the attack is severe. Due to this, it is advisable for you to regularly monitor internal fat build up inside your body and determine if you need to lose fat in large quantities by engaging in weight loss activities. Read More...

Ideal Weight Calculator and Height Weight Tables

Ideal Weight Calculator

When people start looking for the best weight loss plan they typically want to start with an ideal weight calculator to determine how much they should weigh. Height weight tables and healthy weight charts are published by the Public Health Service every so often to tell people what their goals should be. The interesting thing about the height weight charts are that they keep getting heavier every time they are realized. Read More...

Weight Loss Drugs are Hitting the Market Soon

Weight Loss Drugs

If you have been watching the news lately you have probably heard about the new weight loss drugs that are about to hit the market after they finish with the FDA red tape. The media and manufactures would have you believe that because the FDA has approved the new drugs (Qnexa & Contrave) that they are a safe and effective way to lose weight. If you remember back a year a so ago it was all over the media that Alli got FDA approval and was the solution to cutting fat out of your diet. I'm not going to bore you to death with all the medical mumbo jumbo about why these drugs are not the answer to your problems as that is being done to death by plenty of others who typically bring up all the side effects, increased risks, and deaths attributed. What I would really like to discuss is why weight loss drugs are not a solution to obesity. Read More...

A Simple Quick Weight Loss Plan

Quick Weight Loss Plan

It seems like every day I get asked by someone for the best weight loss plan or an ab workout routine. I guess it's just human nature to expect fast results with minimal effort? I do have quick weight loss tips, of course but I probably define quick and fast differently than most people who are out there looking to lose weight for free and give them 6 pack abs by next month for the beach, wedding, or whatever has suddenly motivated them to do something about their health. Read More...

Quick Weight Loss Tips For Summer

Quick Weight Loss Tips

We all know that losing weight quickly is a recipe for disaster and you will just gain it all back again if you do not address the underlying eating and exercise problems. So with that in mind the quick weight loss tips I recommend are not designed to be used for a week or two and then abandoned after your goal is reached. Strive to use these quick weight loss tips as a permanent life style change and incorporate them into your life. Read More...

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